"Grant did the installation for our home business electrical and lighting system. He came when we needed him and delivered an excellent level of service. We found Wilde Sparkz to be very trustworthy and honest, offering very timely advice and went above and beyond – we have been customers for over a decade now."

Sarah Rice

"We have been using Wilde Sparkz for four years, with our high end house projects, smaller renovations and new builds. They are very easy to deal with and very fastitious about the standards of their work – Grant and his team are also happy to try something different and creative. They are a great team to get on with, and always come in on time and on budget in a very efficient manner."

David Hartstone – Hartstone Builders

"I have been using Grant and his team for eight years on housing projects, alterations and renovation jobs. I enjoy working with Grant, he and his team are very professional, thorough and very quick. When I am running a tightly costed job it is reassuring to know I can trust Wilde Sparkz to come to site, complete their work quickly and efficiently and keep to budget. Grant is also very efficient with quoting work. He is the quickest operator I know to return a quote."

Todd Newman - Newman Builders

“Wilde Sparkz would be the most efficient electricians I have ever used in the Bay, there is never a mistake, and they come in on time, getting it done efficiently. Their standard of work is very high. When it comes to quoting Wilde Sparkz are also very efficient at getting back to you."

David Mitchell – David Mitchell Builders

"Grant and his team at Wilde Sparkz would be the most efficient sub-contractors I have ever had. They deliver a highly professional level of service to their clients in a personable, friendly way making them awesome to work with. I have dealt with Grant’s entire team extensively over the years and they, like Grant, all share the same sort of ethics about working hard, doing a good job and delivering a really good level of service."

Mike Millar – Mike Millar Builders

"When I had my Golden Homes house built, Grant and his team did all the installation work, and did it extremely well. I was very impressed with their reliability, care and trustworthiness. Grant had plenty of ideas about things I could install to make lighting better, both inside and out in the garden. As a team they were very organised and tidy. I have also enjoyed excellent follow up service from them to sort out a few small issues, and it’s never been a problem."

Susan Skinner

“One of the key things we look for in a contractor is communication – it is something Grant and his team are exceptionally good at. They will inform you when they will be on site, how long the job will take, and what all your options are. The team do a very high quality job and are always well onto things. They are a nice bunch to work with, being very happy and informative. Grant will always make the time to walk you through your options – if you want to do something a bit special he is the man, he is passionate about lighting in particular and enjoys coming up with creative solutions.”

Joel Keen and Karen Lysaght

"Grant and his team worked on our new house, our first build having arrived back here in New Zealand. We found them to be very hard working, ethical and very trustworthy – being new to the country we did not know a lot about building here, and Grant took us through it with us knowing we could rely on him 100% for his advice. The team made great suggestions and some very good recommendations to ensure we future proofed the house. We were very pleased with the result, and they represented excellent value for money, with a very high standard or workmanship."

Blair and Nerissa Simmons