The Wilde Sparkz Team

The team at Wilde Sparkz have built their reputation on personal, friendly and knowledgeable service. Each of them bring their own particular areas of expertise, and can work together under Grant’s direction to get the most complex and time pressured job completed, on time and on budget.

The Wilde Sparkz team source only the highest quality components, recommending the right product rather than any product to their clients.

Grant and his team don’t believe in the impossible, and are experts at turning clients’ dreams into reality, incorporating the latest in technology into every home build project, seamlessly matching style with practicality in every project.

Grant Cartwright - director

When Grant and his wife Liz returned from the United Kingdom 13 years ago they already had the foundation of Wilde Sparkz laid down.

Grant had worked extensively as an electrician both before leaving for his OE, and whilst there - so building a successful electrical business on his return seemed a natural step.

Today he enjoys having a highly competent, reliable team around him, and the excellent back office support from his wife Liz.

Grant makes a point of maintaining personal contact with all his clients, and enjoys working on lighting design that manages to combine creativity with practicality, highlighting aspects of his client’s homes, gardens and buildings with innovative lighting technology.

Daniel Hooker

Dan is one of Wilde Sparkz newest team members – he is now well into his first year as a Level 4 apprentice, learning the ropes and enjoying a busy job with a solid team.

Dan spent time on the Gold Coast surfing and life guarding before returning home and deciding to pick up a career in the electrical industry.

Dan worked at Wilde Sparkz part time before taking on his apprenticeship, and enjoys the challenges the Wilde Sparkz work brings.

Danny O’Callaghan

Danny can claim the “senior spot” in Wilde Sparkz team, having worked for the company for 10 years now. Whether it is a large home project or a series of installations in a subdivision development, Danny is comfortable with the design and technology challenges of any job that comes his way.

He enjoys projects that combine the latest in technology with clever, smart design – usually he will be overseeing site management for Wilde Sparkz, and ensuring jobs run smoothly and to time.

In his spare time he will be at the gym training for upcoming corporate boxing events, or enjoying the best of the Bay’s fishing and hunting opportunities.

Brent Roguski

As the newest member of the Wilde Sparkz team Brent is enjoying being part of a team that are known to be one of the best in the Bay. In his first year as an apprentice, Brent is enjoying the wide range of jobs and projects working with Wilde Sparkz brings, helping him successfully complete his qualification period and become a successful registered electrician.

Brent is a keen BMX rider, and while no longer competing enjoys getting out on his bike on his days off.